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About Clare Lou Architectural Photography


A Fine Arts background has developed my intuitive understanding of and fascination with light, shadow and form.

My area of focus is architectural photography, incorporating exterior form and interior space.

I’m intrigued by the relationship between photography and architecture, in the way that photography can transform, enhance and clarify an experience of architectural design. My work is known for a perceptive engagement with light, geometry and atmosphere.


My aim with photography is to creatively represent each architectural and interior space, to ensure that the key aspects of the designer’s intent are communicated,  in addition to conveying a unique perspective that is memorable for the viewer.

The purpose of architectural photography is to visually tell each design story in inspiring images that can be shared with a potentially global audience and raise awareness of each designer’s work.  A vastly wider audience than are able to visit each site-specific structure on location.

Light and Shadow to Establish Atmosphere

A key material for photography is light and by working with (planned) available light, in all seasons, an authentic and emotive atmosphere is established. The quality of light is more important than the quantity of light. By incorporating both light and shadow, which reveals and conceals detail, an interior can resemble a theatre stage, with unfolding narratives evoked by the engagement of the viewer’s imagination.  

Close Framing to Look Again

In addition, selecting a series of tightly framed compositions which encourage the viewer to slow down and look more closely, where they are invited to see beyond surface appearance and initial glances, by exploring often overlooked elements including: texture, detail, shape and the ephemeral effects of light and shadow playing on form. A detail can encapsulate the essence of a design.

Working in Series to convey narrative

The experience of architecture cannot be conveyed in a single image.  A coherent series of images has the potential to extend the sensation of time that a viewer spends with an architectural or interior project. Enhancing viewer perception by presenting a space in unfamiliar ways so that the viewer has a sense of (re) discovering a narrative about the building in new ways, through abstract effects, atmospheric light and shadow, geometry and spatial dimensions.


If you have an architectural, interior or restoration project that requires photography, please get in touch to discuss ideas for a brief.

Each project is unique and approached as a collaboration, to ensure that the final visual narrative is directed in the intended way.

A Dialogue with Others

"The thing with photographs is that they look like pictures, but they're ideas." 

- Joel Meyerowitz

Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed.”

- Garry Winogrand

Buildings aren’t just products, they’re philosophies with the potential to lead the zeitgeist.”

- Harriet Harriss, architect

Clare Lou

BA(hons) Fine Art, Exeter

MA Cultural Studies, University of Leeds

All images © Clare Lou Architectural Photography