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Clare Lou Photography


A Fine Arts background has developed my fascination with light, shadow, form and colour.

In particular the dialogue between these elements in the creation of atmosphere within certain environments.

Photography is the image making process used to select moments, often transient, evoking certain moods within spaces.

Although working with selected architectural and interior spaces my aim with photography is beyond a literal description of place, to explore potential for spaces to evoke a theatrical or cinematic atmosphere, exploiting light and shadow, colour and composition.

The spaces are devoid of people, intentionally, in order to allow for a prolonged, immersive experience for the viewer, a sense of timelessness, stillness, with no appearance of a character in a scene.

Spaces chosen resonate with the theme of memory or theatrical artifice.

Creating images which resemble a stage or set, with unfolding narratives evoked through the engagement of the viewer’s imagination.

A Dialogue with Others

"The thing with photographs is that they look like pictures, but they're ideas." 

- Joel Meyerowitz

Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed.”

- Garry Winogrand

Buildings aren’t just products, they’re philosophies with the potential to lead the zeitgeist.”

- Harriet Harriss, architect

Clare Lou

BA(hons) Fine Art, Exeter

MA Cultural Studies, University of Leeds

All images © Clare Lou Architectural Photography