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I am a photographer specialising in architecture, object and light.

Based in Aberdeen, north east Scotland, I travel for projects in different locations.

I create uncluttered imagery that exploits the effect of natural and artificial light on the built environment.
Particularly imagery dealing with abstract spatial qualities, texture and mood and atmosphere.

It is impossible to see architecture in its full complexity all at once.
Architecture is made up of details that are interpreted by the occupant successively over time, forming a cumulative understanding of the design.

Rather than engage with self-evident documentation and the over use of wide angle framing, which can alienate the viewer, I am interested in how photography can be employed more creatively as a tool to investigate a structure and to represent the unique qualities.

Utilising viewpoint and close up compositions, to foreground detail of line, shape, texture and pattern of the quality of material and the play of light and shadow on form and structure to produce sculptural images. This invites the viewer to engage in a dialogue with the narrative of the structure, one that has been orchestrated by the architect.

The idea/essence behind a design can often be better expressed in a fragment or detail that represents the whole.

Photography can enhance the vision of the architect, rather than function as a literal picture maker.

Long fascinated with the potential of light to transform atmosphere and perception of form, colour and detail within environments I focus on the use of artificial light and transient natural light and shadow.

Photography is a complex and multi-faceted medium.

Its relationship to reality is deceptive. Whilst appearing to be about literal depiction, it is inherently about representation. A process of selection and organisation to convey a narrative..

Many different stories can be told about a single subject. Interpretation is integral to effective representation.

Therefore each project is considered as a collaboration with a specific brief.

"The thing with photographs is that they look like pictures, but they're ideas." - Joel Meyerowitz

Clare Lou

BA(hons) Fine Art, Exeter

MA Cultural Studies, University of Leeds

All works © Clare Lou

Clare Lou is a member of the Association of Photographers