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I am a creative photographer inspired by the dialogue between light and shadow. Particularly in the context of the built environment and the creation of atmosphere through the engaging effect of chiaroscuro.

Exploiting natural and artificial light I am drawn to the transformative effect of light and shadow on our perception of space and mood, in particular how it can evoke stillness, silence, drama and depth. The frequent use of monochrome allows for immersion in a timeless world of light and shadow, without the distraction of colour.

Formally I am intrigued by the potential of photography to be employed creatively as a tool to interpret a place/space through considered viewpoints producing uncluttered imagery. Compositions are arranged to foreground clarity, structure and detail. Utilising fragmented framing, to produce sculptural images that go beyond literal documentation in the transposition of three dimensional space to a two dimensional surface.

The fragmented images complement any singular images and work cumulatively, in series, to evoke a gradually unfolding narrative of each place or space. This approach effectively communicates an immersive experience, without the need to over use wide angle framing.

Photography is a complex and multi-faceted medium.

Its relationship to reality is deceptive. Whilst appearing to be about literal depiction, it is inherently about interpretation and representation. A process of selection and organisation to convey a narrative..

Many different stories can be told about a single subject.

Interpretation is integral to effective representation.

"The thing with photographs is that they look like pictures, but they're ideas." - Joel Meyerowitz

Clare Lou

BA(hons) Fine Art, Exeter

MA Cultural Studies, University of Leeds

Fine Art Photography Tutor

All works © Clare Lou

Clare Lou is a member of the Association of Photographers